Eagles of Bellevue, IA

No matter what you do that requires a technique, you must practice it hard and often to be good at it. This past weekend we took a drive to Bellevue, Iowa to observe Bald Eagles fishing along the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam No. 12. It was awesome. On this day, it was easy to spot well over 100 Bald Eagles. They were swarming in the air. They were congregating in the trees. They were doing their aerial acrobatic maneuvers. And they were fishing. They were good at fishing. It did not take long to observe their natural tendencies going after their water-bound prey. Standing there observing with my camera, peering through the chain link fence keeping me at a distance much farther away from them than I wanted to be, I couldn’t help but wonder: “Are they fishing because they have to survive, or are they fishing because it’s fun?” They sure looked like they were having fun. Eagles are awesome creatures. Here are a few shots that I took. I am very much still the amateur. My images aren’t as bright as I want them to be. Nor are they as sharp. It’s got to be the gear, right? The images are clickable for a large view.

A Fresh Catch
Soaring, Searching, Locking in on the Target
Keep Your Head Down

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara Millhouse says:

    Hi! I’m the newspaper editor in Bellevue, so your blog showed up on a Google alert I had set… Just wanted to say “Great job!” on the pix, and I love your verbal images of them “swimming in the air” and fishing for the fun of it… Thanks.

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thanks for the comments. That was a great couple of hours we spent in your town.

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