Peril-less Ice Fishing

I did quite a bit of fishing when I was a kid.  My family owned a 16 foot Arrowglass boat with an 85 hp Mercury outboard motor and we would spend many summer weekends on Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees near Grove, OK.  As a preteen in those years in the mid ’70’s, that was living!  Spending early mornings and late evenings on a boat, fishing with your dad, is priceless.  A few weeks ago, while strolling along the Cedar Nature Trail on the SW side of Cedar Rapids hoping to catch a glimpse of bald eagles, I instead had my limited attention span diverted to these gentlemen on their boat fishing.  But, wait, the water is a sheet of ice.  Now, I’ve never thought much about ice fishing.  I have never thought that seems like fun.  It seems cold.  It seems like not even a good excuse to have a beer.  It seems, well, boring frankly.  Especially, if they’re not biting.  It’s not like you can practice your casting skills or anything.  And if I did ever think about going ice fishing, I wouldn’t have had the mental fortitude to think about pulling my boat out there.  I thought you did this in a hut!  I thought part of the fun of ice fishing must be wondering of your risks of falling through the ice?  Maybe that’s it.  Maybe these guys have before…

Surely there's not a snag in his line?
Just in case the boat sank, call the authorities and alert them to this location
It's right by these winterized weeds

I do know you folks that do look forward to (and actually enjoy) ice fishing are a loyal bunch.  I hope I have not offended anyone.


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