If you’ve read my “About” page, you know that I have been thinking of starting an Iowa Hawkeye-themed blog.  Not just any Hawkeye-theme, but one focused on Hawkeye Football using mostly the images I’ve taken from my seat in Section 138 of historic Kinnick Stadium.  I have a ton of photos from the 2011 season and a plan to use them to post things that can build excitement leading up to the 2012 season.  Here is a sample of things to come….

Back-ups late in the game – many of these guys could become household names next year and years to follow.
Flags. B1G Flags.
Sometimes Coach Ferentz likes to point things out that the fans saw, but the officials missed.
Here comes Herky…

 I’m not sure why I chose these pictures to use as the kick-off.  I’m not even sure if anyone cares.  Hopefully this will turn into something different for fans.  I am not aiming to be a pundit.  I’m not aiming to hear anyone rant about the things that frustrate them.  I’m just aiming to generate a positive experience, because I know the average fan likes to re-live their own experiences of gameday and I hope to give them the images that I saw so that the experience can be re-lived.

The View From Kinnick 138 can be found at:


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