The Beautiful Simplicity of a Tulip

Last fall, we each received a tulip bulb from our church with instructions on how to plant them.  We followed the directions to a tee.  As a result our backyard patio is blessed with this coral variety.  This is the first year in my 46+ years that I have ever had a tulip – at least that I recall.  So after snapping this shot today, I got to studying how simple this flower is, yet so pretty.  6 petals, overlapping one another.  The deep burgundy color in the middle of each petal and the perfectly placed reproductive organs all aligned like a kaleidoscope.  Then, as the sun sets, each of the 6 petals slowly close for the night waiting for the sun to shine upon them tomorrow.



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  1. Ali Radwani says:

    Excellent Macro..

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