Help! This COOT Needs a Bigger Lens

Again, my recent trip to the Amana Lily Lake netted a variety of scenes.  Unfortunately, what I really walked away with was the strongest desire to invest in a lens I can’t afford!  My maximum shooting range is 270mm which is great, UNTIL YOU NEED 500mm!!!  Here’s a good example why.  Do you know what kind of water fowl this is?

This is the American Coot! I love Wikipedia. It told me that.

Cute, huh?  Well, then, along comes Mr. Bald Eagle.  And all the old Coots start to scatter.  See?

What a bunch of Coots!

Now, here is why I NEED MORE LENS!

Bald Eagle with a coot in its clutch.

At least he came toward me so I could verify his catch.

Nature in all its glory nearly missed because I don’t have enough gear.  You know what I’m talkin’ about.


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  1. Poor little coot! But what great nature captures! I too see an eagle occasionally chase an unfortunate duck, you can hear me saying, GO DUCK GO! 😉 Of course, if the eagle wants him, the eagle will get him.

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