Keep your Chin Up at the Amana Lily Lake

A large Painted Turtle seen basking on a log at the Amana Lily Lake.

On the day I visited the Lily Lake, hoping to see the large numbers of migratory Pelicans passing through the region, I was welcomed instead by many, many turtles.  Most of the turtles looked to be the Painted variety.  They enjoyed basking on the logs partially submerged and resting on the shallow lake’s floor.

Turtles were plentiful but bashful. As soon as I approached they would crawl off the log and head into the murky water. Funny how their heads were always all pointed in the same direction.
My neck cramps just looking at them.

The Amana Lily Lake is located between Middle Amana and Main Amana very near the Amana appliance factory, now owned by Whirlpool.  Here is a shot I took of the Lake last September when the Lotus Lillies are in full bloom.

Taken August 2011
Amana Lily Lake, Amana, Iowa

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