Busy Beavers and Lotus Pods

I think I’m about to wrap up my wildlife adventures of 2 hours at the Amana Lily Lake.  Really, besides mountains and the ocean what more could one experience in terms of variety in a 2-hour span?  Bald Eagles?  Check.  Pelicans?  Wait.  In Iowa?  Check.  Geese?  Check.  Turtles?  Check.  Trumpeter Swan?  Check.  Ducks?  Check.  Coots?  Check.  Snakes?  Thank goodness, no.  Beavers?  Well, as a matter of fact, yes.

I either saw about a half dozen of these guys, or this one was all over the place. Here, Bucky is heading out to go fetch some stuff.
I never could tell where he was heading off to with all the mossy stuff he was collecting.

Take a look again at the top picture.  See all those brown things that look like those brown things your mom had in the dried flower centerpiece on your coffee table for more than half of your life?  Those brown things with all the circular  compartments? Those things are Lotus pods. Thats where all the lotus lilies come from that take over this lake in the summer months.  See how educational this is?

Here’s a few more shots from the day…

I wish I could've gotten him in better light.
Some ol' Coot showing me how he can walk on water.
big, Bigger, BIGGEST.
Oh, yeah. How could I forget? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would stumble upon this Marabou Stork at the Amana Lily Lake!
I didn't. But I did stumble upon him at the Indianapolis Zoo in March.



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