False Indigo and the Bumblebee

For those that follow me on a regular basis, you have undoubtedly seen the image of the Bee and False Indigo I use as my banner.  I have not been into photography very long.  In fact, I bought my first real camera (Nikon D90) in the Winter of 2011 because I wanted to be able to take better indoor, no-flash shots of my daughter playing guitar in her school show choir.  Then, as Spring 2011 came and I realized all the colorful intricacies of the flowers that bloom in our yard every year, I got really lucky and captured that bee shot as he was skimming the indigo and loading up with nectar.  That was my first real “wow” moment with the camera.  Now, I’m turning into a perfectionist and strive for the best lighting and focus.  I can certainly see flaws with that first “wow” shot photo.

Today, our False Indigos are in full bloom and they are so T H I C K.  Here are some new bee shots taken just today.  I still have room to improve, and the 20 mph wind blowing here today didn’t help.  Click for a larger view.

Honing in on that juicy target
Hanging on and exposing the reward it is seeking.
Wait. What have I just gotten myself into?

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