Bee-autiful?  I don’t know.  Those are both lame titles, right?

Sorry, but I need to keep up with the theme from the last post.  You know how you have all these things that you “have to do”, but there are all those things that you “want to do?”  Yeah, well the “want to do” won out for me for a bit today.  75 degrees.  Light Breeze.  Sunny.  Here are some new shots taken today from the backyard False Indigo patch complete with Bumblebee.  At least I did not take the time to break out the tripod for stability.  All Handheld, manual focus.

All the shots are clickable for a bigger view.  And the captions provided on some of the shots are meant for a little fun.  If you grinned, give me a “LIKE”.  If you LOL’d, tell me about it!  If you moved on with barely a snort, head to your nearest Starbucks and get an extra shot in that latte.



I know. I feel that awful, middle aged bald spot happening all to quickly myself.
I am liking the reflective colors from the flower blossoms all over that pollen scraper thingie and those eyes.  Sorry to all you 8th graders out there – no one has purple eyes.
Viewer:  “OMG!!!” (That was my attempt at reaching a younger generation) That thing is coming right at me!  Bee:  “I am hiding my left front leg for some new aerodynamic qualities.  Do you like the new tattoo on my scraper thingie?  I thought I needed some color.  By the way, next time you try to slime me, can you make it pink instead of orange?




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great pics and captions! Especially like the last one.

  2. Got to agree with Merlin… that last shot is quite unique and wonderful! — JG

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thanks for the comments. Sometimes ya get lucky.

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