Night Time Treat

While I was letting Sadie the dog “do her business” in the backyard last evening, something large and fast caught my night time peripheral vision.  We have 5 bushy perennial plants called Penstemon Dark Towers that outline a section of our patio that happen to be in full bloom now. I noticed something flying around and then I heard the low whizzing hum of its beating wings.  “A hummingbird at 9 pm?”, I thought to myself.  Quick, get the camera!

A quick check of Google suggests this is called a White-lined Sphinx Moth. I’m not much for flash photography and I have no experience whatsoever trying to pull off a manual focus in the dark. I took about 10 shots.  Three of them provided a recognizable image, and this one turned out pretty decent.

Hopefully he’ll come back tomorrow and provide me a better view.


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