So, you think you can save some money on your car insurance?

After just getting my bill for our recently-turned-16-year-old driver, I might be doing that research myself.  Perhaps this little mascot’s company can help us out?

Here is a Green Anole. These lizards are common throughout the Southeast portion of the US. I captured this shot this past week at the home of my sister who lives in the Columbia, SC area.  Click for a full size view!  I think I got quite lucky on that background bokeh color, eh?

I had the opportunity to travel to South Carolina this past week for my nephew’s graduation.  I got quite a few interesting shots of the Southeastern native wildlife.  I hope to share some of those over the next few days.  I should be able to show a couple of hummingbird shots, various other birds, some butterflies, flowers, and maybe something crabby.

Here’s a closeup of his head. Click for a larger view!

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