Blue Herons in South Carolina


Wow.  So this is what it feels like to post 50 entries.  Indeed, this is post number 50.  Who knew that here in Iowa you’d have 50 opportunities to take pictures and post interesting (or not) tidbits of information about them?

Well, some things are not all about Iowa.  As I mentioned in the last post, we were in South Carolina this past week.  Here are a few shots of Blue Herons that I took from Charleston.  Blue Herons were plentiful.  In flight and in nest.

Here is a shot of a Blue Heron in flight that I captured near Vickery’s Restaurant at Shem’s Creek.  Click for a large view.
I don’t know much about Blue Herons. I sure didn’t know they nested away from water. The White Point Gardens South of Broad had many occupied nests such as the one I invaded here.
This is NOT a Blue Heron. But I though he was cute and looks good against the blue peering through the trees. Plenty of these nutcrackers can be found in the parks of Charleston. This shot is clickable, too!

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