Scenes With a Pelican

By now, you know the story.  We went to South Carolina last week for my nephew’s High School graduation.  Congratulations, again, Shawn.

We don’t get many pelicans in Iowa.  Although you might be surprised to know that they do migrate quite heavily to Iowa in the early Spring and Fall.  But we just see the white pelicans.  I have a post here somewhere showing some of those migratory pelicans.  Go ahead and test the search button up top.

Anyway, here is some pelican shots around Shem’s Creek in the Charleston, SC area.  If you go, I kinda think the more shrimp boats there are docked, the more pelicans you will see.

Here is a typical view from Vickery’s Restaurant. Sit on the deck, grab a burger, and watch the birds.
So is this view. Don’t get burger grease on your lens. And keep a watchful eye out for dolphins.  Yes, I’m serious.
“Have you heard the one about the 2 seagulls who went into a bar…”
“Dad, lets walk out on the pier and see if you can get a better shot.”
I wish the sun was aimed the opposite way. I always miss the good light.
Flipper was in the house….
Adios, folks.

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  1. I love to photograph pelicans – they are such majestic birds!

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