Tonight, a Robin get it’s wings, and a partial metamorphosis is spotted….

‘Twas a beautiful evening here in the Heartland.  75 degrees F.  Clear sky.  Low humidity.  Lot’s of new life in the backyard.  See?

This baby Robin is far from feeling safe, but is somewhat comfortable waiting for some parental feeding in the friendly confines of the dwarf hosta bed.
Feeling a little more confident, he gives me that baby birds-eye view.  Click for a huge view.

And now for something completely different…. a partial metamorphosis. While catching up with our great neighbors next door, something was seen rustling through the grass and climbing to a low hanging twig on a pine tree. Can anybody ID this?  I’m wondering if it is going to be a companion to the Sphinx Moth I shot and posted here last week?  The quality of the shots leave a little to be desired, I know.  Judge me for the context, not the content!

The neighbor dog, Malcolm, is extremely interested in the happenings going on within the pine tree in his yard….
Heimlich?? Is that you?!?!
Seriously, if anyone can ID this critter, I’d be grateful.

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