The 12 Hour Metamorphosis

A few days ago, I showed you this picture of a yellow, fuzzy critter, that reminded me somewhat of Heimlich, from “A Bug’s Life”.  This was a partially metamorphosed (thank you spell check!) moth that was seen crawling through the yard at dusk and was able to attach to a pine needle.  Notice the nubs it has for wings.

I went out the next morning to see if it was still in the tree.  It was no more than 14 hours later.  I really didn’t expect to find it, but I did.  I was amazed at the transformation that happened literally over night.  Check it out!

The underside of an Imperial Moth, which I witnessed the full length wing growth in a 14-hour time span.
I wish I could’ve gotten a better shot from the top side.

It would’ve been great to have seen a time lapse of this overnight transformation.  Maybe if I would’ve paid more attention in my Biology classes in high school this fast growth wouldn’t have amazed me so much.


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