Who Does Not Like Hummingbirds?






If there is one thing that I have gotten the most feedback on my blog, it has got to be for hummingbirds.  We love them.  Everyone loves them.  Everyone wants to have them in their yard.  Nobody wants more sparrows.  We want hummingbirds.  I got fortunate in my back yard one day a couple of weeks ago and was able to quickly grab the camera at just the right time and captured a few shots of this elusive creature.  Hummingbirds do not stay in one place very long.  Not many people take the time and effort to plant gardens with flowers that attract them.  We think we can just go buy a hummingbird feeder and they will automatically show up.  Not.  The secret is to have enough trees along or adjacent to your property.  While in South Carolina a few weeks ago, I had another opportunity and was able to get a few more shots.  I still haven’t got what I consider to be the perfect hummingbird shot.  One day, I will.  But, I will probably need a bigger and faster lens, honey.  🙂

A Ruby Throat is savoring that sweet concoction.
Just so you know, this was probably taken 2 hours later. Patience is a virtue.
Zeroing in on that sugary target.
Until next time….

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