Lurking in the Lake

Imagine this scene:  90 degrees and sunny on Father’s Day and you are celebrating at a local lake at the swimming beach area.  Dozens of people splashing around enjoying the cool relief that the water provides and then you wonder “what kinds of critters are lurking beneath me?

How about the Northern Water Snake for example?

Here is the scene: Swimming beach on the top, water snake lurking in the foreground.
I zoom in and discover the diamond-shaped patterns adorning it’s slithering body
He turns away from the crowd and heads towards the rocky shoreline giving me a better view so that we can try to identify using Google images on the iPhone.  Notice the reflection of it’s tongue against the water and the color of it’s eyes begin to be clear.  Our quick view of Google helps us determine it is a non-venmous Northern Water Snake.  I can also start to make out a bulge in its midsection, making us think he just finished lunch.
It senses me on the shore and he turns away a few times and goes beneath the surface of the water.
Doing it’s best Loch Ness Monster impersonation.
Finally, he decides he’s had enough fun with me and heads back to the rocks looking for his hole. The inner lump is pretty noticeable here.
The final glimpse as he retreats under the rocks along the shore.

5 Comments Add yours

    As creepy as snakes are to me, i love this post… favorite photo and one i have never seen before is the “loch ness impersonation”. 😀

    1. webcentrick says:

      Yes, I could do without snakes, too. We did have about 10 minutes of fun with this one, though. It was pretty evident we were encroaching on his terriory. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. was fun. see ya again sometime 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, so scary!

  3. Renee says:

    I agree that Loch Ness monster impersonation is actually cool and almost cute. From me; that is as positive as it gets in regards to snakes.

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