So, you don’t think you need sunscreen huh?

Today, I think I have just captured what has got be the adverse effects of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun as it pertains to nature’s birds.  Surely a turkey vulture can not be this homely looking any other way, can it?

With the exception of the ostrich, can there be an uglier bird? Is this what inspired the makers of “angry birds”?
I captured these shots of the Turkey Vulture in eastern Iowa today. These birds are most commonly seen soaring and circling over an area in groups of 2 or 3. Today, this lovely specimen was just sitting in a dead tree along a gravel road. The gloomy, grey skies also captured in the shot did nothing flattering to that face, did it?

Let’s zoom in on that cute face, shall we?

The soul patch does not help, in my opinion, dude.

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