My Backyard Silk-making Machine


After my daughter and I had a bite to eat for lunch, I stepped out on the patio this afternoon just to see if it really did feel like 110 degrees F.  Indeed, it did.

And, on my way back inside to get a glass of ice water, I glanced at the row of False Indigo bushes behind the barbecue grill and saw something unusual.  It was the glistening and shining and the sudden sharp contrast in color that caught my attention.

Seems awfully hot for silk. Must just be me.

“Crud”, I thought to myself.  “Now I gotta go get the camera.”  So I grabbed the camera and got frustrated with not only the sweat pouring down my forehead, but also the wind blowing this critter in and out of my focal view.  “Crud”, I thought to myself, “I bet I will need my tripod”.    So I went back inside and grabbed the tripod, set it up, and took about a dozen more shots with that single leaf blowing in and out of focus.

Munch, spin, circle, repeat.

Each time I went back in the house, the critter moved all around the leaf spinning an endless supply of silk shooting from all those pores.  I mean who does that?

So now I beg the question(s):  What is it?  And what will it become?  Don’t say a Monarch, because I’ve already looked at Google images and this is not a match.

Stay tuned. More to come from here. Unless, of course, a bird eats it.

I never did get that glass of ice water…..


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