Intruder Alert

An adult Barn Swallow perched on a branch overlooking a nearly dried lotus pond.

I took a quick stroll along an area of the Sac & Fox trail in Cedar Rapids the other night.  The area I was walking along has been preserved as a wetland to enable wetland and marsh critters of the midwest to thrive through the food chain.  As I was walking to see if I could locate any interesting water fowl, I spotted this Barn Swallow.   Frankly, I have never seen a barn swallow perched on a branch.  I usually only see them flaunting their aerial acrobatic maneuvers swallowing up all the flying insects available.  So, seeing this one being content watching me I found a little odd.

He was not catching bugs sitting there with his mouth open. He was about to show me who he thought was boss.

I made my way about 25 yards to a pier that had been built into a lotus pond when I am seemingly nose to beak with the barn swallow.  He is angry at me and making sure I know it.  He took at least 6 passes at me before I realized I was bigger than it was and that I needed to show him that I was the one at the top of the chain.  As he took aim at me and proceeded ready for another pass, I swung my free arm (the one without the camera), then noticed he was suddenly not alone.  I had them coming at me from multiple directions.  It was not more than 15 seconds when I realized I was not taking pictures – good ones, anyway – of anything.  So I started to make my way back to the path.  Once clear of the pier, it was then that I realized what all the fuss was about.

Let me introduce you to Junior Swallow. Cute, huh?
Yeah, you’re cute.  But tell your folks to back off, will ya?

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  1. Great captures, they are such a cute little bird! 🙂

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thanks for the comments and for stopping by!

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