When Wrong Turns Out Right

I don’t even pretend to understand how cameras really work.  But, I do know one thing.  It all begins with light.  Too much of it can ruin your composition and mood, and too little light can play some pretty funny tricks on you.  Sometimes those funny tricks can produce more of a mood in your shot than you could even imagine trying to reproduce.  Case in point:

On Saturday, I woke up early to catch the dawns early light in downtown Chicago.  I made my way hoofing it to the Harbor just beyond Millennium Park off of Lake Shore Drive and saw some pretty amazing cloud formations.  I think the scene below sums up the mood of the morning quite well.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  Seemingly far, far away from the massive skyscrapers immediately behind my point of view.

Can’t you just smell the coffee brewing in the cabins of these boats?

Then I notice geese flying towards me.  Of course my brain works way faster than my fingers to adjust my camera and lens to freeze the action, but I snap away knowing all too well I don’t have enough light in my lens to do that anyway.

The geese fly right towards me, honking.  Breaking my solitude, but not the peace of the morning.  They show up as a blur but their point is made.

I can be totally honest that this is not the composition I was intending, but I think the the transparency of the geese fits the mood and serenity of the harbor morning quite well.

So when wrong turns out right? Not just my image quality.  But, bliss on the outskirts of a concrete jungle.  8 million people behind me but I never saw one.


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