Chicago’s Magnificent Bean

In the heart of downtown Chicago in an area just off the famed Magnificent Mile of Michigan Avenue lies a majestic and beautiful city park, aptly named Millineum Park for its modernistic and ultra-contemporary setting.  Inside this park is a photographer’s gem, a stainless steel sculpture named “Cloud Gate”, although many refer to it simply as The Bean.  The sculpture was completed in 2006 and is visited by literally thousands of people each day.  So, if you want to get shots of it sans the masses, you have to get there early.  I happened to arrive at the sculpture just after 7:00 am on a Sunday morning.  It started to get busy by about 7:30.  Unfortunately, I was not able to see this sculpture at night, but I certainly will Labor Day weekend.  I can’t wait.

What makes this sculpture so spectacular to me are 2 things.  One, it reflects simply amazing shades of blue.  Dark, rich blue.  The richest blue hue I can imagine.  And, two, every angle provides another unique reflected view.  Couple that with Chicago’s fabulous architecture, and you have a lot of opportunity to consume a lot of time taking pictures.

Lets start with Blue….

I am standing on the south end facing north. I adjusted the exposure to ensure the sun reflection did not overpower the deep blue colors.
I love how the reflection of the sky takes on a much deeper tone than the natural sky color.

Next, let’s have fun with some reflections.  But, we’d better hurry.  People are showing up.

Click me or any of them for a full screen view.
The AON Tower is shown off to the side.

So, no trip to Chicago should be complete without visiting the Millenium Park and Cloud Gate on the AT&T Pavilion.  Grab your camera and get there early!


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