Green Bay Sunsets 2

I warned you this may be coming.  Yep.  More sunsets.  Actually, I got a lot of positive response from the first set of Green Bay sunsets. So back by popular demand, here are some variations on the theme. Again, please click the images for a full screen view.

This was shot zoomed to 270mm. I have not done any color enhancements to this image whatsoever. Nope. This was all God’s handiwork.
SOmetimes we think that we must get the sun in the image for the classic sunset pictures. While true, the sun itself is a great subject, there is great rewards to be had waiting 15 minutes after the sun disappears beyond the horizon. Click it!
As you can see, this is the same focal position as the shot above, but the colors are different based on the position of the sun.

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