More from Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

Finally home and looking at the recent Chicago photos I took over the Labor Day weekend and now knowing all too well how much of a difference there is viewing these shots on my beloved iMac versus my iPad 2.  I really got snap happy taking these.  Way too many to process, so here are some of my faves.

So the really funny thing is this:  People BUY THIS STUFF FROM ME!  I’m like, What?!  So if you like these and you have that fabulous empty spot on your wall in Bangor, Maine, then pleaseby all means – head on over to my SmugMug site for many purchasing options in fabulous professional print quality!  And it’s secure!  I mean you can get these jewels in 36 x 36 canvas! That’s right, Chicago can be right at your doorstep (without the blaring sirens at 3 am) with just 3 or 4 simple mouse clicks.  For these shots and others in this set, click My SmugMug set here.


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