Look At What I Captured! See What I Shot?

This Seagull variety is sitting on a man made rock barrier at the harbor in Ephraim, WI. I like how the sunset warmed the tone of the rocks, yet provided a nice backlight on the bird. I also noticed how its legs have the same peach hue as the rocks it’s perched upon.

Too many times, lately, I find myself thinking its inappropriate to use the words “shot” or “captured” when describing a scene of a picture I took.  “Took” doesn’t seem very sophisticated or professional.  But who am I kidding?  I’m neither of those too much.  OK, here it goes….

Check out these birds I shot.  Or captured.  No, I didn’t.  Look at these birds I took their picture of.

OK, let’s try again:  Here are some photographs from our recent trip to Door County, WI showing how sometimes the textures and colors of the birds themselves can blend in with their backgrounds.  There, I did it.


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