Backyard Dragonfly

I had a decent opportunity to photograph a large dragonfly in my backyard today.  This is exciting to me, because I have not had good luck with them.  For me, either they don’t land when I have my camera, or they fly away quickly when I do. This one stuck around for quite a while.  The problem is he didn’t make it easy on me for my positioning – he was quite a bit higher than my eye level and never would turn to face me.  I really wanted to get a good view of his eyes, but he was shy, I guess.  Later, I saw him flying around in the sunlight and his body was brilliant blue.  Nonetheless, here are the best shots I have ever gotten of a dragonfly.  Weird, weird creatures.

Click for a full screen view.
I think the details in the wings are amazing.
Looking up from underneath providing me the best view I could get of his “face”. Unfortunately, I was too close and exceeded the focal capabilities of my lens. Darn it.


He’ll be back tomorrow.  And, so will I.



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