A Visit To Lambeau Field

This part of the stadium houses an amazing team store. If this place doesn’t have the Packer-analia you are looking for, it isn’t made. The store was huge and very nice. The team offices and a restaurant are also located in this part of the structure.

Over the next few days, I am going to provide a few sports-related posts on the blog for you.  The first of which highlights a trip we took to northern Wisconsin this summer, as you have seen from several previous posts.  I had never been to Green Bay, WI prior to the trip to Door County this summer and I had always wanted to see where Lambeau Field was.  Lambeau, of course, is home to the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

It is simply amazing that a town the size of Green Bay can successfully field an NFL team.  I must admit, I am really not a Packers fan.  Being born and raised in Kansas City, my allegiances for an NFL team still reside there.  However, Lambeau was very cool.  I could easily become a Packer backer.  I took a guided tour of the stadium and saw everything from the fabulous concourse area, to a luxury suite, to the tunnel the players walk through, and even walked around the field.  The tour was a whopping 10 bucks, I think, and lasted approximately 40 minutes.  I learned a lot and I would recommend it to anyone, fan or not.  Here are some shots I took that give you a glimpse of this fantastic facility.

This Atrium was completed in 2004, I think. This was part of a major renovation and set the tone for the team’s recent financial success. The Atrium is open every day of the week. The floor is patterned after the football field and the yard lines on the tile are laid out the same as the actual field. So, if you followed the 30-yard line in the Atrium through the brick wall it would run to the 30 yard line on the field turf.
This view is from the top of the Atrium looking down.
Huge banners hang inside the Atrium commemorating former Packer players who are now legendary to their fans.
Without a doubt, this photo represents the highlight of the tour for me. This is the actual tunnel that leads from the locker room to the playing field. NFL policies prohibit fans from touring the locker rooms in any NFL stadium. However, the Packer staff made this walk through the tunnel very memorable. They pumped crowd noise through the speaker system that grew in intensity with every step you took towad the tunnel opening. It literally brought goosebumps to my skin. For those few moments, you are a Green Bay Packer. Awesome.

From the tunnel, you are suddenly in the expanse that is Lambeau Field. We were there just as the preseason camp was getting underway, so the field markings had not been painted yet.  The tour guide will emphasize that Lambeau has the finest bleachers in any NFL stadium.  Get it?


The one and only.


The video scoreboard was extremely impressive. I have never seen a scoreboard with the clarity and imagery that I was seeing, as this photo indicates. The animations were amazingly clear and crisp.
Two massive statues adorn the Atrium plaza, one of the stadium’s namesake, Curley Lambeau, and the other, legendary head coach Vince Lombardi.


The bronze statues have amazing detail and texture, as shown here.

Again, if you are ever in the neighborhood of Green bay, this stop should be on your bucket list.  Most people will never experience a game seen inside Lambeau, so this tour is the next best thing.







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  1. Merlin says:

    Thanks for this post.Great pictures and I appreciated the accompanying descriptions. Certainly lots of history at Lambeau Field. Thanks.

    1. webcentrick says:

      Hi Merlin. You are a faithful follower. I greatly appreciate the comments and glad you and others get enjoyment out of my enjoyment. Thanks again!

  2. csd7227 says:

    My favorite team, and a great post showing off the stadium. I have only been there once, but I need to get back.

  3. Gaylon says:

    Sir, when did you take your tour? Because I’ve toured NFL stadiums over the years, including the Broncos home in March, 2012, and they have always included the visitors locker roon…

    1. webcentrick says:

      Ah. I think “visitors” is the operative word. At Lambeau the guided tour did not take us to go to the visitors area or tunnel. I know when I was a kid in 1972 or so, my family toured the then- brand new Arrowhead Stadium and I am pretty sure I remember being able to go into the locker rooms there. But, that was in 1972-ish and I was all of 7 years old. Frankly, since our visit to Lambeau this summer, I did not check the internet for NFL policies regarding locker room tours. Perhaps I will take a few moments and search for that. I’m just reporting what we were told.

      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by my little space on the web!

  4. Wow…some really great shots! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize Lambeau was so nice and updated.

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thanks for touring both my blogs. Plenty more ahead!

      1. Great! I look forward to seeing what else you have to post.

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