Yellow Bedwetter

Well, that got your attention, didn’t it?  Yellow Bedwetter.  I’m a sarcastic guy.  I can’t help it, really.  Every time the Pearl Jam song, “Yellow Ledbetter” is played (and it’s played frequently) in my house, I always say “yellow bed wetter” just to get a reaction from my 40-something wife and 16-something daughter.  I get the same reaction every time.  It’s that fake laugh.  You know, the one you get when you have totally out played a joke.  So, where am I going with this?  No where really.

Here, I added quite a bit of vignette to the shot. That made the butterfly kinda pop with light. This is pretty easy to do in Aperture 3. I didn’t mess with the color too much. Pretty much what I saw is what you get.

Except, these shots of this yellow butterfly on a yellow flower with not very contrasting shades of yellow, somehow work.  Kinda like the very first time I said “Yellow Bedwetter”.  It kinda worked.

Still some vignette featuring added. And, I bumped up the pink hue, because I noticed the butterfly highlight colors were pink.

So, with these shots, I like the butterfly.  And, I like the wild flower he was perched on (except the dang thing didn’t stay perched for too long a time on any given yellow flower).  I kept trying to get him to land on a pretty blue flower.  Actually, no.  There was no blue flower in sight.  I just thought he would look better on a blue flower, but there weren’t any.

I didn’t do much editing at all on this shot. I did increase the black point a little.

So, there you have it.  What to do with a yellow butterfly on a yellow flower.  Improvise.  Just like Pearl Jam does every time they perform “Yellow Ledbetter”.


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