Red Dragonfly: A Friend in Your Yard

With Autumn fast approaching here in Iowa, I would imagine that dragonflies and butterflies will be departing soon.  We did have a pair of hummingbirds most of the summer and they split the second we had a good frost about a week and a half ago.  But last week I did manage to get the best photo I ever have of a dragonfly.  Hopefully, next sumer they will be plentiful.

I did not have many good opportunities to photograph these guys. They are fast, and rarely landed anywhere near me. I snapped this shot with the camera handheld. With my luck, getting the tripod and setting it up would’ve been a waste of time.  Click for a full screen view.

There are some myths about dragonflies.  The biggest one being their powerful sting.  That is indeed a myth – they are no harm to man whatsoever and they do not have the ability to sting.  They are very beneficial creatures in your yard.  They help to control the mosquito population and other nagging insects such as flies and gnats.  Another similar, beneficial insect is the damselfly.  They are similar to dragonflies, but generally have only one set of wings that, when at rest, are parallel to the abdomen.


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  1. Jawahar says:

    I like the fact that they look so scary yet they’re quite harmless. Imagine the time in Jurassic when giant dragonflies existed..

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