More Fall Foliage

This foliage is quite plentiful in Iowa.  In the summer, the fuzzy stems are like silver that reflects the bright sunshine.  In fall, this plant turns white providing a contrast to the reds, browns, and golds of the Iowa roadsides.  If anyone knows what this plant is, please leave a comment.

Also, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post.  Mostly, this is due to a very hectic work schedule.  But also because I’ve had to send in my primary lens for repair.  Can you imagine being at the Boca Raton Beach & Yacht club, pulling your camera out of the bag, and not being able to turn the zoom ring?  That’s exactly what happened to me.  Talk about frustrating.  Thankfully, Tamron has a 6 year warranty.  Let’s hope they can significantly exceed my expectations of a 6 week repair plan.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deepak says:

    Nice pic and good luck for your lens!

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thank you Deepak.

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