Spring Break at the St. Louis Zoo

Going Apes
Care to give this shot a caption?

We just returned home from our family Spring Break.  We spent most of our break in Nashville, as our daughter is strongly considering attending Belmont University as a student in 2014 and we took an official visit on one of our days there.  It seems we’ve been to Nashville about twice per year for the last few years.  St. Louis is about our half way point from a driving perspective, so we typically spend a day there and see some sights.  Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful late winter day, so we did what seemed like half of the city also did: visited the St. Louis Zoo at Forest Park.  If you have never visited the St. Louis Zoo, you need to include it on your bucket list.  There are so many fine qualities of this zoo, not the least of which there is no admission fee (although it does cost $15 to use one of their 2 parking lots, but there is ample street parking available free).  The zoo is huge and it is hard to take it all in in a single day.  It has a well deserved reputation for being one of the top 5 zoos in the US.

I took a ton of pictures.  I will share more throughout the coming days along with some tips I have from gathered from my own lessons learned to enable you to get some good shots that don’t look like they simply came from a day at the zoo.

Until then, here are some shots that will hopefully whet your appetite for the zoo this summer.  Don’t forget to take your camera.

peacock profile
Sparty as a peacock. (Sorry Michigan State fans).
lipstick poser
Does this lipstick color look good with my skin tone?
feather munch
They say the secret to a good “whinnie” is a steady diet of, um, feathers.
Kangaroo Chillin 1
I’m just a kangaroo chillin’ in the mid afternoon 70 degree day.
camel profile
This is definitely my better side.
Gorilla 1
You will see more of me in an upcoming post from this photographer guy.
penguin smooch
C’mon mom and dad! The water is great!
Elephant texture 2
I really like the wrinkled textures and the colors hidden within the elephant’s skin in this view.
green snake
Yes, I bite. And, yes, you’d know it.
lookin at you
Who are you calling homely?

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