Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

I like the theme of this week’s WordPress.com photo challenge.  The theme is “future tense” and that resonates with me as I fully anticipate the coming Spring season.  Wait, it’s supposedly not coming – it’s here.  Although in my home state of Iowa, it feels anything but Spring.  In fact, we received another winter blast yesterday with a couple of inches of fresh snow.  Thankfully, it won’t stay around long.  Anyway, with that said, the photo below captures everything ‘future’ to me right now.

Baby Robin
While this photograph was shot in the past tense (last summer in my backyard), I think it represents everything future tense. Who knows how many worms this critter will eat this summer? Who knows how many eggs it will help hatch? Who knows how many Blue Jays will invade it’s nest this spring?

10 Comments Add yours

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thanks – I appreciate the comment.

  1. Aww this is so cute! I love your interpretation of the challenge!

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. Happy blogging!

  2. Oh is he precious…one of Gods many beautiful creatures.

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