This Spring, these flowering crab trees in our backyard have been the most brilliant ever.


Flowering Crab closeup


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  1. Cheryl Zumbach says:

    I love flowering crab trees, too! I want to let you know that I always look at your pics and enjoy them all. You have a gift for photography, Dennis. You should open up a studio or sell them at art fairs! Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 18:38:23 +0000 To: cheryld40@hotmail.com

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thanks Cheryl. I appreciate the comment and glad you enjoy my photos. What I have learned from various art fairs is that, for a photographer, you have to define a niche for yourself. I haven’t really figured that out, yet, for myself. The other thing I’ve learned is there has to be an economy where people want to buy stuff to decorate. With 4 dollar gas, that won’t happen anytime soon. I do have a website where I have uploaded some photos for sale, but I don’t take it very seriously….just not enough time. webcentrick.smugmug.com

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