Birds along the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, IA

I have just confirmed that if you want to see varieties of birds you rarely see, or think that you have to travel to some exotic location to see them, all you need to do is get out of your backyard.  Yesterday, I had a few hours to kill and decided to head to one of my favorite locations in Cedar Rapids – The Prairie Fish Hatchery.  I don’t know why its called that.  To me, it’s a paved trail in the wilderness that is surrounded by water, the winding Cedar River and its spill-outs.


But, anyway, back to the birds.  Along this trail are numerous trees, wildflowers and bushes.  This is a great haven for birds that I don’t ever see in my backyard.  I actually had to google some of these varieties to label them correctly here.  The biggest challenge I had this day photographing them was that it was late in the afternoon and the light was challenging. The birds really don’t cooperate with you – I don’t think they like having their picture taken any more that you or I do.  In just 45 minutes walking around this trail, I saw numerous Baltimore Orioles and Warblers, like the American Redstart (that’s a new one to me), the  Yellow-rumped Warbler, and Yellow Warblers.  I also saw plenty of waterfowl like gulls, ducks, geese, and pelicans, as well as a crazy coot. Here’s the album of 45 minutes outside of your backyard.



And then, your solitude is suddenly broken….




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Renee says:

    I really enjoy the pictures. I may have to try that place sometime.

    1. webcentrick says:

      Thanks. You should do it this weekend. There will be lots of the wildflower bushes in bloom.

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