Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to share a photograph that you’ve taken that leads the viewers eyes to the place or subject that you’re composing in the shot.  I am going to add on to that theme by not only doing that, but also how the shot leads us to the place we may want to be in our world, but unfortunately all we find is a giant wall in our way towards reaching that place.

As you look at the photo below, imagine yourself trying to reach a destination in your life, or maybe you’re not really sure what your destination should be.  All you know is it’s a better place than you are in either from a locale, or a situation, or some challenges or struggles you are facing.

We may find ourselves confronted by a giant wall.  But along that wall, we see ledges or crevices that we can leverage or to safely hold onto.  The problem is, you can’t hold on forever.  We see signs of growth around us, albeit small, or not as much growth as we’d like.  We also see signs of decay or weathering (read: getting older).  But, no question, on the other side of that giant wall is our place.  It’s bright.  Peaceful.  Vast.  New.  Extraodinary compared to ordinary.  Blue skies, baby.

But, reaching that place may be a requirement to humble yourself.  How are you going to get all your stuff through that opening?  You “get the picture?”


Natures Window


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lily Mugford says:

    Right now I am standing on a ledge, gripping the rough rocks and peering into the beautiful future…soon, very soon.
    Love the photo and your view of this life.

  2. How far does the wall stretch to the side. Walk around with eyes on the prize.

  3. lylekrahn says:

    I really like the layers in that photo.

  4. Renee Moravec says:

    I sure like that example. I may have to use that with the youth group sometime.

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