Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

I’m a little late to the party for this week’s Photo Challenge, of which the theme is “Fresh”.  So, I offer 3 photos, all equally fresh in terms of subject matter and timing.  I shot both of these last week while vacationing in the Grand Teton region of Wyoming.  One is food fresh, the other two are nature fresh.

Nothing beats the freshness of freshly caught Tuna, served up as a sushi roll.  We enjoyed a great dinner at Nikai Asian Bistro in Jackson, and this Roll was called “Dagwood” which my daughter and I devoured in a fresh 7 minutes or less.

The Dagwood Roll
The Dagwood Roll

Immediately below is a photo of a Teton region Thistle in full bloom.  While it is what I would consider a “weed”, it has an unquestionable characteristic of beauty, both fresh and aged.  The first shot is of a fresh bud and a bloom, and the second shot is of a less than fresh seedling.  I guess that’s what you call it.




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