Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV


This week’s Photo Challenge is to share a photo of a scene with an unusual point of view.  This summer we traveled to Wyoming and visited Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. In the mountain country, sage brush is very common.  It grows everywhere and gives the landscape in the mountain valleys and meadows a sea foam green, lush color.

For this shot, I was up early in the morning to catch the first light of the sunrise on the face of the Teton range.  Once the sun rose (and probably 200 shots later!) , I decided to take an unusual shot of the sage silhouetted against the sunrise.  As I positioned myself low to the ground, I adjusted my camera and used a very small shutter to let in as little light as possible into the camera as I aimed through the sage an into the sun giving this goldenrod image.

Sage at Sunrise

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