My Heart Breaks for You, Estes Park

We have enjoyed several family vacations to Estes Park, CO and Rocky Mountain National Park.  The news and scenes of the devastating floods from this weeks torrential rainfall is heart-breaking.  Not many days go by without us thinking of our stays at our favorite lodge at the River Stone and Bear Paw resort.  With it being so close to the Fall River (literally off your porch) I can’t imagine that it is safe.  The news scenes of the water from the Big Thompson River rushing downtown through the Estes Park business district is also gut wrenching.  Living in Cedar Rapids, site of the massive flood of 2008, we know exactly what kind of work is ahead of the Estes Park residents and business owners.

We are thankful that the loss of life has been minimal.  We keep you in our prayers and pray that you can pick up right where you left off.  We’ll be back when you are!






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  1. These are amazing portraits…It is always hard to let go such beauty….But nature will always find a way to restore its glory..

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