Berries Bring the Birds

I’ve blogged recently about the dreadfully long and brutal winter we’ve had here in the Midwest and in particular, Iowa.  However, about three weeks ago the unexpected happened in my backyard.  See, we have six flowering crab trees that encompass two sides of our patio that we planted for privacy.  Last spring these crab trees were completely filled with blossoms which ultimately turned into the fruits that they bear.  In the past winters, however, the fruits always seems to drop to the ground before the birds found them.  So, back to the unexpected.  During one of our typical snowy February days, we awoke to a few dozen Robbins feasting on the berries.  Now, I know that the Robbin is not a migratory bird, but you rarely see them in backyards in the dead of winter, so I was shocked to seeing dozens of them fill the six trees.  Within two days the berries were devoured.  The greatest treat was the cedar waxwings also arrived to help the Robbins clean up the leftovers.

Here is a gallery of shots I took of the birds weathering all the elements.


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