Full Moon Rising

Tonight I was just sitting here minding my own business, when a twitter follower tweeted at me and said “IF YOU CAN SHOOT THE MOONRISE AND SHARE”. So, I went out with the dog to take a look and noticed that the moon hadn’t quite risen over the houses in my neighborhood, but the thin layers of clouds were starting to glow on the horizon.  So, I decided to run back in the house, locate my tripod and get set up. By the time I got ready, sure enough, the scene was pretty spectacular. I didn’t do any editing to this photograph, other than a crop. The colors reproduced well from what I remembered from my eye.

I’m glad I was tipped off. Sometimes you just need to drop everything and enjoy all that nature has to offer. It’s a goal of mine to do more night photography this summer.



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  1. Wow!!! Mesmerising scene. Thanks for sharing.

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