The Lincoln Memorial

In 1969, my family took a summer vacation to Washington, DC. I was almost 4 years old at the time. Oddly enough, even at the age of 52, I remember bits and pieces of that trip.  I remember seeing space things at the Smithsonian Institute.  I remember seeing President Kennedy’s gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery.  And I remember standing inside the Lincoln Memorial looking up at the massive granite statue of Abe Lincoln himself.


This year, my wife and I road-tripped to Washington, DC again, only this would be her first time seeing our nation’s capitol.  We saw many things, which I’m sure I’ll get around to posting at some point. We both agreed that the most impressive monument is The Lincoln Memorial.


The massive structure. The huge columns bouncing light and consuming shadows all at the same time. Abe, the figure, perfectly cast in stone. The gallery of steps that await you as you look straight up at them from the base of the reflection pool.  Go and visit.


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