Backyard Long Lens Photography


A few weeks ago I purchased a new Nikon D500 body for shooting the upcoming college football season and I’ve been getting myself in practice so that I’m ready to go, just like the players are doing now.  I won’t go into technical details about how the camera functions because I’m not very smart, but let’s just say I’m overwhelmingly thrilled with the camera and how it operates.  Shooting at 10 images per second with 150-some focus points is pretty darn cool.  I can’t wait to hit the sidelines of Kinnick Stadium!

This afternoon around lunch time, I decided to mount my Sigma 150-600mm Sport lens to it and travel all the way past the kitchen to my backyard patio to see what I could see. Not a bad 30 minutes spent, if you ask me. Except that I totally missed lunch.

If you want to attract some butterflies to your backyard, plant a variety of phlox, hydrangeas, and coneflowers and you’ll have more enjoyment than you could imagine.

As I was uploading these photos straight from the camera, it struck me that images like these may soon be the only reminder we have of honeybees and monarchs. We need to take care of our land to sustain all good life.  Let’s be good stewards.

(Click an image for full size view)

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  1. Ronda says:

    Wow!!! Amazing photos! Awesome creation! Great work!

  2. rafrafrafia says:

    These are absolutely amazing!!!! Love your post! 💜

    Would you mind checking out my photography blog at ( Rafia Tasneem ).

    Can’t wait to check out more of your posts! 🤗


    – Rafia

    1. webcentrick says:

      hi Rafia – thanks for the comment! You have a great blog going, keep up the great work!

      1. rafrafrafia says:

        Thanks so much – means a lot to me! ☺️

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